We are what we think; all that we are, arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts, we make the world.

Each trading strategy I follow must have a set of rules.

If I create my own trading strategy, I must also create my own rules. These rules need to be backtested so that I know they have a high probability of succeeding. I must use logic and not emotions when I create the rules. The strategy must include stops, limits, and contingency plans if the trade goes against me.

I always begin trading a new strategy with a demo account. I need to develop the skill to quickly visualize when the strategy is ready for me to enter a trade. I also need to gain some experience watching the trade and feeling comfortable with the different directions the market flows. I need to gain the confidance to trust the trade and stay in until I reach my limit.

When I have developed the skill and confidance, then I may begin live trading. It is important that I do not let my emotions alter my trading strategy. I plan my trade and I trade my plan. Sometimes I will gain pips, sometimes I will gain experience, either way, I WIN!

And most important of all, trading should be fun!

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