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Fundamental Announcements

A fundamental announcement causes the market to move very quickly. You need to really know what you are doing before you attempt to trade during this time.

Fundamental Announcements tend to move the market very fast. It is important to watch for them. They require different trading strategies when the announcement is very different from what is expected. Bankers tend to trade on fundamental announcements.

Here is the list of announcements we need to watch for.

Fundamental Announcement List

Fundamental Announcement List

Market Traders have an economic calendar on their website that lists the upcoming fundamental announcements and the expected announcement. During every live analysis of the market, five times a day, the mentor begins by going over the upcoming FA’s and which ones to keep an eye on (the ones that have a large impact… like Non-FarmPayroll Indicator).

MTI's Economic Calendar

MTI's Economic Calendar

Market Traders also has a checklist for trading fundamental announcements. Join MTI and get the checklist for trading. It’s more fun than a roller coaster ride! (You also need to have nerves of steel to do it).

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