We are what we think; all that we are, arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts, we make the world.

When developing your system, you want to achieve 2 very important goals:

  1. Your system should be able to identify trends as early as possible.
  2. Your system should be able to avoid you from whipsaws.

If you can accomplish those two things with your trading system, we GUARANTEE you will be successful. The hard part about those goals is that they contradict each other. If you have a system in which its sole purpose is to catch trends early, then you will probably get faked out many times.  

On the other hand, if you have a system in which its sole purpose is to avoid whipsaws, then you will be late on many trades and will also probably miss out on a lot of trades.

Your task, when developing your system, is to find a compromise between the two goals. Find a way to identify trends early, but also find ways that will help you distinguish the fake signals from the real ones.

Always remember these two goals when you create your system.  They will make you a lot of money!

I found this out the hard way as I tried to program automated trading systems. I would be want to capture lots of pips, but I found myself with huge losses. Then when I was more cautious in the trading so  I could avoid being stopped out, I missed most of the trades and ended up entering the trades so late I was stopped out! Finding the right balance is the key. You will ALWAYS incur some losses.

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