We are what we think; all that we are, arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts, we make the world.

One day, a blonde office worker comes out to the warehouse. As she is walking, she looks up and sees a co-worker hanging upside down from an I-beam in the ceiling. She asks, “What are you doing?”
I need a few days off, but the boss went let me have them, so I am hanging from this I-beam acting crazy. The boss will see me, realize that I need some rest, and sent me home for a few days.

The blonde says, “That won’t work. Uh-oh, here comes the boss, you are in for it”.

The boss spots the blonde looking up and sees the man hanging there and asks him, “Just what do you think you are doing?”

In a crazy voice, the man says, “I am a light bulb.”

The boss says, “Buddy, you need some rest. Take a few days off and go home and rest”. As he gets down, he winks at the blonde saying, hey… it worked.

The blonde thinks about this for a moment and starts to follow him out the door. The boss asks her, “Where do you think you are going?” The blonde replies, “I can’t work in the dark.”

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