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A page displays several charts.

A page displays several charts.

Several charts can be displayed at the same time. I know it is hard to see the charts. I had to shrink this considerably for it to fit on this page. I have a 24″ LCD monitor.

My page is showing several charts for the USD/JPY pair. I am displaying the Weekly, Daily, 8 hour, 4 hour, 1 hour, 15 minute, and 10 minute charts.

One of the important things my mentors at MTI, http://www.markettraders.com/landings/forexIQ/forexIQ.aspx?id=THEFOREXMOM(Blog), taught me, is to look at the longer time frames when I trade. The longer time frames dictate the smaller time frames. But in order to limit my risk, I need to enter a trade using a smaller time frame.

It is also possible to build a page showing 10 minute time frames for multiple currency pairs. I found this especially helpful when I am scalping (trades I want to enter and exit quickly).

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